About Society

Iraq Kurdistan Region

Al- Bashara Aid Society- Erbil – Ankawa

The central beureau of the society will be in the center Erbil province/ anakwa town. The society has the right to open branches in other provin outside region according to the internal system and after the agreement of the Interior Ministry.

The society is dependent and it dosent have any political feature and no Religious. and the society works to achiever the following goals:


 Help the poor who suffer from cancer disease.


 Help the orphan children who do not have anyone to take care of them.


 Help the poor who suffer from malignant and chronic diseases and their income is too low to afford the heavy expenses.


 Visit the patients and offer the possible care and help.


 Help the poor who have special needs.


Bank name: IBL Bank S.A.L

Account number:0858018

Beneficiary :mm .ALBASHARA .AID SOCIEY


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